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The Centre accepts voluntary contributions for either the purchase of equipment or for the Special Research and Scholarship Fund.   

  • Contributions for the purchase of equipment

    Voluntary contributions are used for the purchase of new equipment for upgrading the services offered by the Centre.   


    The Special Fund was created by a decision of the Centre’s Board of Trustees with the aim to accept voluntary contributions and channel them for specific purposes:


    • To contribute, undertake initiatives and actively participate in research in oncology.
    • To conduct studies and research.
    • To give scholarships to the Centre’s personnel.
    • To organise seminars and lectures.


    The Fund’s resources are in no case made available for reducing the obligations of the Oncology Centre Founders, i.e. the Bank of Cyprus Medical Foundation regarding equipment, technological modernisation and expansion of the Centre, and of the Republic of Cyprus regarding the Centre’s annual operating costs.


    The Special Fund prepares and publishes an annual report, which includes all material details of the funded activities.


    The Special Fund’s funds are kept in a separate account in the name of the Special Fund, from where all payments are made for the purposes of implementing the Special Fund’s purposes.


    Significance of your donation

    The Centre already participates in research programmes funded by organisations such as the Research Promotion Foundation, the European Union and large pharmaceutical firms. This funding, however, covers only part of the expenses. In addition, there is difficulty in securing resources to attract and train specialised staff, such as statistical analysts and research nurses.A prerequisite for attracting funded programmes is the existence of such an infrastructure.


    The development of human resources in areas such as nursing, radiotherapy and medical physics, forms a critical factor for oncology services. It is for this reason that it is required to support young graduates for the acquisition of additional specialised qualifications and their continuous education. The support from other sources such as the Human Resource Development Authority is valuable. However, it is not enough.


    Your donation

    Donations are accepted only by the Centre’s Accounts Department staff.

    Cheques are issued in the name “Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center – Special Fund”. In all cases, a receipt is issued bearing the logo “Special Research & Scholarships Fund”.