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As from June 1st, 2019, when the 1st phase of GeSY was implemented, the Center complied with the provisions of GeSY for all the services of the 1st phase. For other services and for non-eligible, the following applies:

The Centre’s services are provided to patients meeting the requirements of the Law and therefore obtaining a medical card issued by the Ministry of Health on the same terms as state hospitals:

  • Cancer patients and patients with malignant blood disease are entitled to health care for the specific disease as beneficiaries, provided their family’s annual income does not exceed €150,000.
  • No provision shall be granted to a person unless:
    • He/she has paid contributions to the Social Security Fund for three years in total, and
    • on the date on which healthcare is required, he/she has submitted a tax return (excluding persons not obliged to submit such tax return).

Only specific categories of persons set out by the Law are exempted from these requirements.


Patients who are not covered and do not have a valid medical card should pay according to the services provided, i.e. for each visit to the doctor, diagnostic tests, treatments, etc. Charges are fixed based on the Centre’s charges.

If you are covered by a health fund or an insurance company, you should inform the reception accordingly.