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The level of services provided by the Centre is based on the close cooperation of patients with the Centre’s medical, nursing and paramedical staff. Each one of them, in their capacity and with their behaviour, contributes to consolidating their appreciation and respect for their rights, responsibilities and obligations.

Legal safeguarding of the patients’ rights

Law I of 2005, which provides for the safeguarding and protection of the patients’ rights and for the establishment of an effective mechanism to monitor the respect of these rights, was entered into force on 7 April, 2005.

The provisions of the law include the following:

  • Every patient shall have the right to healthcare, appropriate to the needs of his/her health to be provided within a reasonable time according to those needs.
  • The patient shall have the right to receive good quality healthcare, characterised by high technical standards as well as human relations between the patient and the healthcare services provider.
  • The patient shall have an inalienable right to choose and to change the medical institution or healthcare services provider providing healthcare to him/her, provided this is compatible with the functioning of the healthcare system.
  • The patient shall have the right to be treated with dignity during healthcare provision, which shall be rendered with appropriate respect for his cultural values.
  • Health care shall be provided to all equally and without unfavourable discrimination.
  • The patient shall have the right to be fully informed of his/her medical condition. He/she may also choose whether some other person shall receive medical information on his/her behalf and nominate such other person.
  • The patient shall have the right, if he/she so wishes, to receive a second medical opinion, in which case he/she shall have the right to be supplied with a copy of his/her medical record, including the medical report and biological substances, and to be given all possible assistance to this effect.
  • The patient shall have the right to request and receive a reasonable estimate of detailed charges, if any, at any stage of the healthcare provision.
  • A prerequisite for the provision of healthcare is the patient’s consent given after receiving complete medical information, in due time and in a manner comprehensible to the patient, so that the latter may make a free independent choice.
  • The participation of a patient in scientific research or experimental treatment shall be allowed only under conditions which include his/her prior written consent upon receiving complete medical information.
  • All information about the patient’s medical condition, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment as well as any other personal data shall be kept confidential even after the death of the patient and shall not be disclosed to any person or authority.
  • The patients’ complaints shall be fully examined in accordance with the provisions of the Law. Under the Law, complaints by patients of the Centre may be submitted to a Complaints Examination Committee. The Committee shall comprise five members appointed by the Minister of Health. The Committee which shall be competent, pursuant to paragraph (b) of clause (I) of Article 23 of the Law, to examine complaints for the Centre, shall have its seat at the Nicosia General Hospital. The composition of the Committee and the way in which it communicates with its members shall be posted in the reception area at the Centre’s entrance.

Patients’ obligations

The Oncology Centre expects from patients to accept and be consistent with their own responsibilities and obligations, contributing in this way to the smooth and efficient operation of the Centre. In particular, the Centre expects from you to:

  • For patients eligible to register with GHS (GeSY): Secure a referral from your GP, when you register for the first time, or for its re-issuance when necessary.
  • For patients non-eligible to register with GHS (GeSY): Settle your financial obligations on time if you are covered by a health fund or an insurance company.
  • Give the information you know regarding your medical history, the reasons for your admission to a hospital/clinic, your medication and your health in general.
  • Make every effort possible to understand your treatment. To this end, you are encouraged to discuss your questions with the doctor or nurse.
  • Inform the doctor or nurse of any problems or changes in your health condition during your treatment.
  • Show understanding when you have to move to another hospital room or other bed within the Centre.
  • Be courteous to other patients and the Centre's staff and try maintaining a quiet environment.
  • Show respect to the Centre’s furniture, equipment and property in general - both you and your visitors.
  • Respect the anti-smoking policy of the Centre.
  • Become informed of the visiting hours’ regulations and inform your family and friends accordingly.
  • Be punctual when visiting the doctor, the diagnostic and therapeutic departments as well as when departing the Centre.
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