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Visiting arrangements have been revised due to the Covid-19 pandemic



According to the new Decree of the Ministry of Health (No. 28), dated 31st , August 2022, only one visitor per patient is allowed during visiting hours, with a maximum of two visitors per day per patient. Visitors are required to providing a negative Rapid Antigen Test result performed within the last 24 hours or a negative PCR result performed within the last 48 hours.

Visiting hours, under the above-mentioned conditions, are from 16:00 – 20:00

Please make sure that the Nursing Supervisor is informed in advance, by the patient, about the names of the visitors, in order to inform the security guard.


  1. The use of a protective face mask is compulsory inside the Centre, for all employees and visitors over the age of 12.


Special leaflets on visiting hours and regulations are available in all departments.


The Centre recognizes the importance and value of a visit, especially for patients, since the visits of their loved ones boost their morale. It also respects the desire of the patients’ family and friends to be close to them. However, visitors can not visit patients without certain restrictions. Therefore, the medical and nursing services have had to set up a timetable, which would serve both patients and their family and friends while at the same time ensuring the least possible impact on the development of their health. The timetable also helps with reducing the risk of spreading infections. By respecting the visiting hours, you help ensure the patients’ health.



Monday – Friday

12:00 - 14:00

16:00 - 20:00

Saturday & Sunday

12:00 - 20:00


Several visitors bring food, sweets, fruits or juices. Before taking any of them, you should consult the Head Nurse. You should be aware that there isn’t any additional room for storing and preserving food nor is it allowed to leave food on bedside tables.


Flowers and plants in pots are also not allowed since various fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms grow in the soil and are easily transmitted to humans.


Visits by children under the age of 12 are not allowed because treatments administered to patients may affect their health


The simultaneous presence of more than two visitors in each hospital room is not allowed.