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Patients are allowed to enter the Centre only upon presentation of a negative PCR (performed within the last 72 hours) or a negative Rapid Antigen Test for Covid-19 (performed within the last 48 hours). Persons who already received the booster doses are excluded.



According to the new Decree of the Ministry of Health, dated 15th May, 2022, only one visitor per patient is allowed during visiting hours, with a maximum of two visitors per day per patient. Visitors are required to providing a negative PCR or a negative Rapid Antigen Test result, performed within the last 24 hours.


Visiting hours, under the above-mentioned conditions, are from 16:00 – 20:00.


Please make sure that the Nursing Supervisor is infomed in advance, by the patient, about the names of the visitors, in order to inform the security guard.


Thank you for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.



    Patient referral and registration

    Upon diagnosis of the disease, your doctor will refer you to the Centre.  In addition to the medical report which your doctor will prepare, you should provide biopsy, radiological and blood test results, if any. 

    The registration procedure is quick and simple to avoid any inconvenience. Registrations are made by the Patient Service. You, or a relative or a friend of yours, will give your identity details, as well as any other useful information. The Centre has a legal obligation to keep and treat all personal information with confidentiality. For this reason, you will be requested to sign a relevant form authorising us to use this information for specific purposes.

    How services are charged

    The Centre has been a healthcare provider to the GHS (General Healthcare System) since the 1st Phase was implemented on 1st June 2019 and later on, in September 2020, fully enrolled to the 2nd Phase of the GHS.

    Patients who are not covered, should pay according to the services provided, i.e. for each visit to the doctor, diagnostic tests, treatments, etc. Charges are fixed based on the Centre’s charges.

    Only specific categories of persons set out by the Law are exempted from these requirements.

    If you are covered by a health fund or an insurance company, you should inform the reception accordingly.

    Collaboration with referring doctors

    The Centre collaborates with your personal doctor or the doctor who has referred you to the Centre. Regular communication and joint follow-up are considered essential for your treatment needs.

    In any case, the referring doctor is informed of your planned treatment and will be regularly informed by the treating oncologist.

    Planning of visits for treatment or medical examinations

    All visits, except emergencies, are made by appointment.

    • Your first visit is usually arranged by your doctor, following a telephone call with the Centre. The referring physician must issue the appropriate referral for oncology.
    • If you will personally arrange your appointment, you may call the Patient Service (tel: 22841333/334) from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

    Oncology Centre registration card

    During registration, you will receive your appointments’ card with your registration number at the Centre, which is required at each visit. In some Departments, they will ask not for your name but for your registration number.

    The appointment card bears a barcode which gives you access to a parking area – see Parking Area.





    This information is useful to you, your family and friends in case you need to receive your treatment as an inpatient. It includes information, instructions and regulations which you should know during your admission at the Oncology Centre.


    If you have any further questions, please ask for further information from the Patient Service Dept, the Head Nurse or your doctor.


    Your arrival at the Oncology Centre

    We welcome you and we are ready to offer you the best service for a comfortable stay in one of the two inpatient wards of the Centre.


    When you are admitted to the Ward for the first time, some procedures will be unknown to you. You will definitely want to know them to be able to adapt your needs, according to the regulations governing patient admission and stay. Below, we hope you will find all the information you need and, if we have missed something, please do not hesitate to ask!


    Admission procedures

    A planned admission to the Inpatient Department is arranged by your doctor in consultation with the Head Nurse of the Department and is based on your treatment type and plan. In the event of complications from the treatment or the disease itself, your doctor may decide that an emergency admission is required.


    When you arrive for admission, please present your Centre Registration Card at the Reception for registration and then go to the 1st floor in the lift where the Inpatient Department is located (Wards Α and Β). You will know the Ward where you are to be treated from your doctor, who arranged your date of admission.


    If, for any reason, you are unable to come to your fixed appointment, you or a relative of yours should contact the Patient Service (telephone number 22841400), in order to inform your doctor and the Head Nurse accordingly and arrange a new admission date.


    What to bring with you

    Of course, you will bring with you the most essential items such as pyjamas, robe, slippers and toiletries. Men should also bring the shaving items they use. You can also bring with you some items to pass your time, such as books, magazines or your knitting equipment. You should of course keep in mind that the capacity of the cabinets is limited, so you should only bring with you the most essential items.


    Money and Valuables

    We recommend that you avoid bringing large amounts of money and valuable items that will not serve you in any way during your stay. If you already have valuable items and money with you, please hand them over to the Head Nurse for safekeeping.


    Your medication

    During your stay in the ward, your doctor may decide to give you some medication or run some medical tests so it is important to know in advance if you take any medication and the type of such medication. For this reason, we recommend that you bring all your medication with you.


    You may also be given medication which you will take home. If you have any questions or doubts about how and when you should take them, the nursing staff and the Centre’s pharmacists are always available to assist you.


    Medical certificates – Sickness certificates

    If you are an employee and need a sickness certificate for submission to the Social Insurance Services, your employer or insurance company, it is advisable to timely inform the Head Nurse to arrange for your doctor to prepare it.  


    The Centre strictly adheres to the principle governing the safeguarding of medical confidentiality. Therefore, any medical certificate should be requested either by the patient himself/herself or the person so authorised by the patient.



    Special leaflets on visiting hours and regulations are available in all Departments. You will find such leaflet in your hospital room so that both you and your visitors are informed.


    The Centre recognises the importance and value of a visit, especially for patients, since the visits of their loved ones boost their morale. It also respects the desire of the patients’ family and friends to be close to them. However, visitors can not visit patients without certain restrictions. Therefore, the medical and nursing services have had to set up a timetable, which would serve both patients and their family and friends while at the same time ensuring the least possible impact on the development of their health. The timetable also helps with reducing the risk of spreading infections. By respecting the visiting hours, you help ensure the patients’ health.



    Visiting Hours

    Monday – Friday    12:00 - 14:00
                                              16:00 - 20:00
    Saturday & Sunday        12:00 - 20:00


    Several visitors bring food, sweets, fruits or juices for you. Before taking any of them, you should consult the Head Nurse. You should be aware that there isn’t any additional room for storing and preserving food nor is it allowed to leave food on bedside tables.


    Flowers and plants in pots are also not allowed since various fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms grow in the soil and are easily transmitted to humans.  


    Visits by children under the age of 12 are not allowed because treatments administered to patients may affect their health.


    The simultaneous presence of more than two visitors in each hospital room is not allowed.



    Smoking is STRICTLY prohibited.

    There is a prohibition sign in all external and internal areas and Departments of the Centre.


    Mobile phones

    Please avoid the use of mobile phones by both you and your visitors. Avoid using them especially when the staff provides you with any medical or nursing care. Furthermore, telephone conversations in the corridors of the Departments disturb other patients and prevent the unhindered execution of the staff’s work.


    Diet and nutrition

    The type and quantity of food and liquids (water, tea, milk, juice) offered to each patient are planned according to his overall health condition and depending on the treatment administered.

    Main meals are served as follows:

    Serving hours:          

    Breakfast: 07:30 – 08:30
    Lunch: 12:30 – 13:30
    Supper: 17:30 – 18:00


    Hospital room equipment

    Each hospital room may accommodate one or two patients depending on the occupancy of the Department. Each room has an air conditioning unit, television, radio, telephone, toilet, shower, washbasin and a closet. Patients and their relatives may, if they so wish, use the living room of the Ward, which is also equipped with a television and other entertainment facilities.


    The phone number is the same as the room number and can only accept calls. If you wish to call outside the Centre, you should request so from the Head Nurse.


    Security measures/strong>

    The security staff’s job is to check visitor movement in the hospital areas and security staff is responsible to request from your visitors to leave the hospital area when this is deemed necessary by the Head Nurse. You are requested to assist them in their work.


    Religious services

    Many patients often express the desire to talk to their confessor or satisfy some of their religious needs. This is usually the case during long religious periods, such as Christmas and Easter. Thus, the Centre, in consultation with the priest of the Agios Demetrios Church, meets these needs when requested by patients.


    Your feelings

    Some patients, especially during the first stage of their disease, feel uncomfortable and are stressed and anxious every time they have to be admitted to the Department. This is because they may be parents to young children or have other dependents or face problems at work, with their finances or even in their personal life because of the illness. Whatever the problem, discuss it with your doctor or the Head Nurse. They will make sure that you talk to the Centre’s psychologist or one of the psychosocial support service specialists of the patients’ associations and organisations.


    Leaving the Centre

    When you are about to leave the Centre, you should make sure that:

    • An appointment has been arranged for your next possible admission, the medical examinations you should take in the meantime or for your next visit to your doctor at the Outpatient Department.


    • If you are given drugs to take home, you know how and when to take them.


    • If you need a sick leave certificate, ask the Head Nurse.


    • If you need further nursing care or nursing equipment, discuss it with the Head Nurse or your doctor, to arrange the issue with the home care services.


    • You have arranged for a relative of yours to accompany you at home. If there is any difficulty, please inform the Head Nurse in time.


    • If you are not a holder of a Medical Card issued by the Ministry of Health, you should contact the Centre’s Accounts Department to settle your account.


    Comments and suggestions

    We would like to have your comments and suggestions since they help us to constantly improve our services. To do so, you may use the relevant form “Your opinion matters”.


    In addition, if you have any comments regarding your care, please do not hesitate to report them to the Head Nurse.



    If something worries you, before your next appointment, you may contact the Patient Service to arrange a meeting with your doctor earlier or to give you instructions regarding your problem.


    ontact number

    ontact number is:  22847300.

    If you wish to have more information on the Centre’s services offered to patients, relevant leaflets and booklets issued for this purpose are available in all Departments.