Cancer Genetics Clinic "Andreas Papaellinas"

The Cancer Genetics Clinic “Andreas Papaellinas”, is located at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center and has been funded, for its creation, by Andreas Papaellinas organization. The Clinic offers services to patients of the Oncology Center and their families, characterized by hereditary cancer syndromes.

Our aim is to coordinate genetic testing and follow-ups of individuals with a known hereditary predisposition, their family members and individuals who are genetically at higher risk of developing certain cancers, mainly breast, ovarian and colon cancers,. Most of these cancers are sporadic, however, a small number of cases (5-10%) are associated with a strong family history of cancer. We work closely with our colleagues in breast, gynecological and gastrointestinal cancer clinics, as well as with the Institute of Neurology and Genetics and the Karaiskakeiο Foundation. Also, in collaboration with other medical specialties, we are able to design individualized programs and management pathways for these individuals with cancer predisposition.

A visit to the Cancer Genetics Clinic will include evaluation of the individual's personal and family history to decide whether there is a possible hereditary cause of cancer. Based on this, we investigate and assess whether a genetic test can help the individual to identify his/her own risk. In the event of a genetic mutation being detected, we are educating individuals about the risk of cancer and its potential effects on them and their family members.

Our primary goal is to promote cancer prevention, early diagnosis and help with risk management decisions.

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